Urban Clean Up

Posted October 23, 2017

Announcing an Urban Clean Up initiative to solve the spiralling problem of litter in public spaces.

Urban Clean Up Inc. is launching an innovative solution to the problem of litter in public spaces creating an opportunity for concerned corporations to make a difference and build on their social, environmental and governance rankings.

Who is involved?

  • The Ministry of Transportation Ontario
  • The Region of Peel
  • The City of Mississauga
  • Urban Clean Up Inc.
  • Participating Corporations

You are invited to join, engage, and support this important initiative and make a difference in the communities you do business in. Our first Urban Clean Up will be in the field starting in the Spring of 2018.

Consumers are exhibiting more socially conscious consumerism than ever before and are rewarding corporations whose environmental record ranks highly. This program will help to put your corporation out front and centre in a highly visible, engaged manner for all to see, both in the community and through social and traditional media

The program will start on the on and off ramps connected to major highways in the targeted areas selected by the Ministry of Transportation Ontario.

Connect with our team to discuss Urban Clean Up opportunities for 2018.
Urban Clean Up Inc.