2017 Recycling Collection Drive

Posted June 28, 2017

TRCA employees participate in a clothing recycling drivePartners in Project Green is pleased to announce the return of Recycling Collection Drive, in celebration of Waste Reduction Week in Canada. Last year, 30 locations across the Greater Toronto Area participated and collected electronic waste and clothing. The campaign was a resounding success, with over 8200 employees diverting approximately 7 tonnes of material.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be involved?
We welcome registrations from the Industrial, Commercial, Institutional and Municipal sectors. If you are not sure whether you can participate, please contact us.

When is the campaign happening?
Recycling Collection Drive runs during Waste Reduction Week in Canada, October 16-20, 2017. Promotional material to support to support the campaign will be provided in September 2017.

Can more than one location participate?
Yes. Participants are welcome to register multiple locations. If you want to register more than one location, please contact Catherine Leighton for mass registration and a bulk rate.

What materials can I collection?
Recycling Collection Drive currently features the collection of clothing and household textiles and electronic waste. New materials will be announced in the coming months. If participants register before all collection materials are announced, we’ll contact you to confirm what you’d like to collect.

What do the bins look like? Where are they placed?
The clothing textile bin is 36” by 36” by 24” and should be stored in an indoor location. The electronic waste bins are wheelie bins with the exact dimensions (TBD). To maximize participation, we recommend placing the bins in front reception areas where there is high traffic.

What happens if my bins fill up before Recycling Collection Drive is over?
If your bins are full before the week is over, contact Partners in Project Green and we would be pleased to schedule a pick-up. Additional pick-ups require about 24 hours to schedule, so please let us know in advance of the bins being completely full.

How do I register?
Learn more and register online. In the registration, you will be asked basic contact information, how many bins you will need, approximate number of employees, and percentage of employees that travel by public transit.

What is the difference between the executive and standard package?
The standard package provides a plug and play Waste Reduction Week campaign, with collection services, bins, posters and a resource package. Registration is $300. Note: Groups that registration before September 15 for the standard package will have their logo placed on the poster.
The executive package includes all standard benefits. In addition, the Executive package includes a lunch and learn to engage employees about waste and $100 of prizes to encourage your employees. Registration is $1000.

Do Partners in Project Green members receive a discount?
All Partners in Project Green members can receive a 20% discount code. Contact Catherine Leighton for the discount code.

I have additional questions, who should I contact?
For additional questions, please contact Catherine Leighton, MES, Coordinator, Waste Management, Partners in Project Green, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority at 416-661-6600 ext 5946 or cleighton@trca.on.ca