Food and Organic Waste Framework

Posted November 28, 2017

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change releases Food and Organic Waste Framework on the Environmental Bill of Rights registry.  The framework consists of two complementary components:

  1. Proposed Food and Organic Waste Action Plan which outlines strategic commitments to be taken by the province to address food and organic waste; and,
  2. Proposed Food and Organic Waste Policy Statement under the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act, 2016, which provides direction to the province, municipalities, producers, IC&I sector, waste management sector, and others to further the provincial interest in waste reduction and resource recovery as it relates to food and organic waste.

Food and organic waste is a pressing environmental and social issue– 2.2 million tonnes of food and organic waste was sent to landfill in 2015. Greenhouse gas emissions from Ontario landfilled food and organic waste represent 93% (8.0 megatonnes) of total emissions from the waste sector.

Consider submitting your comments to the Environmental Registry by Jan 15, 2018.