2017 Green Building Expo

Posted February 11, 2016

  • April 11, 2017 - April 12, 2017
    9:00 am - 6:00 pm


Green Building Expo is an affordable way for businesses to connect with potential clients and customers all across Canada – and beyond. The virtual show intends to celebrate Canada’s greenest and most successful building projects. And each exhibit will showcase sustainable construction solutions to a target audience in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Green Building Expo will serve as an ideal platform to bring together technology, materials, products, service providers, developers, general contractors, architects, consultants, engineers, interior designers, builders, specifiers, project managers, green investors, bankers, building owners and facilities managers; not to mention municipalities, expert organizations and other key stakeholders of green building projects. Two of the bonuses available to participants include saving money and eliminating travel time. As well, because it’s not a physical trade show, booth construction costs are eliminated, logistical problems are non-existent and carbon footprints are minimized.

Why Go Virtual?

  • The green effect: Not only does the virtual model reduce a company’s carbon footprint on the front end, but it also eliminates the production of materials that will go to waste after an event.
  • Making perfect sense: It’s logical to utilize new technologies and trends — after all, that’s what you’re encouraging your buyer to do. So it goes hand in hand with sustainability.
  • Tracking lead generation: Virtual trade show platforms make it easy to provide prospects with downloadable materials, offer built-in tracking, lead management, and attendee profiles so you know exactly who is downloading what.
  • Saving money: For those who’ve been to trade shows, you know it costs a lot, both to sponsor booths and to attend. Among the expenditures are paying for employee time, travel, lodging, and meals, not to mention the various outlays needed for booths. Then there’s internet, printing, electricity and shipping. There is absolutely no question that exhibiting at a virtual trade show costs significantly less.
  • Better time management: Green Building Expo not only allow you to save time on travel, but it houses your virtual booth for a full year after the actual event. That means that the money you pay for your space isn’t buying you a few days, it’s buying a more long-term marketing platform.
  • The cool factor: Booths can link directly to an exhibitor’s Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or YouTube social media accounts. Impossible to dispute the value of that.
  • Extended reach: Companies can interact with a global audience to generate a high volume of leads and prospects.

For more information and to regsiter for the Expo, visit: www.green-building-expo.com