2016 Sustainability Employee Engagement Network Virtual Summit

Posted March 3, 2016

  • April 4, 2016 - April 8, 2016
    12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

SUSTAINABILITY_LEARNING_CENTRE_CHANNEL_PARTNER_LOGO_CIRCLE_150x150SEEN Talks is an annual virtual Sustainability Engagement Summit. No need to pack your bags, just join on line to learn how to drive engagement in sustainability from strategy to operations.

This year, experts will share how to:

  • Lead with strategy to secure management commitment and inspire employee participation.
  • Systematically embed sustainability in organizational culture using a freely available new toolkit.
  • Connect your Volunteer Program to transformational sustainability engagement.
  • Use storytelling and gamefication in your initiatives to boost impact.

Join practitioners and subject matter experts from Celestica, Ricoh, Realized Worth, Partners in Project Green, Background Stories, Engage International and Sustainability Learning Centre in this practical knowledge sharing, networking and co-creation forum.


Day 1: Aligning Engagement with Strategy (Monday, April 4, 2016)

What explicit actions do you take to constantly align and realign sustainability engagement with company vision, mission, values and goals? Learn about processes, tools and successes.

  • Wendy Firlotte, Sustainability Employee Engagement Specialist, Engage International
    • Strategic Program Alignment and Planning with Navigation Tool
  • Angela Tinto-Hamood, Manager, Sustainability and Environment, Ricoh Canada Inc.
    • Ricoh’s Sustainability Strategy rollout through National Green Teams.

Day 2: Embedding Sustainability into Culture   (Tuesday, April 5, 2016)

How are you managing systematic culture change to embed sustainability? Is your approach too ad hoc? How would you know?

  • Kathryn Cooper, Sustainability Learning Centre
    • Embedding Sustainability into Culture, a framework to inventory, prioritize, and focus company efforts to embed sustainability.
  • James Field, Sustainability & Sustainable Solutions, Celestica
    • Leveraging interest and sparking change for sustainability through employee engagement and the Embedding Project.

Day 3: Powerful, Practical Engagement Techniques (Wednesday, April 6, 2016)

Are you leveraging the full power of storytelling and gamefication in your engagement activities?

  • Arlene Birt, Sustainability Visual Storyteller and Information Designer, Background Stories
    • Bringing sustainability stories to life.
  • Jennifer Taves, People Power Challenge, Partners in Project Green
    • Gamifying sustainability – engage staff and drive sustainability results while competing against other organizations for great cash prizes and bragging rights.

Day 4: Optimizing Employee Volunteerism for Transformational Engagement (Thursday, April 7, 2016)

Do you see employee volunteer programs as part of your transformational sustainability engagement activities?

  • Corey Diamond, Partner, Realized Worth
    • Transformative Volunteerism for Sustainability and CSR integration.
  • Example in Practice (To Be Announced)

Day 5: Hot Topics and Open Mic (Friday, April 8, 2016) (12-1 pm)

Get the edge – learn about the SEEN Talks Community’s Hottest Topics, Top Shares, Tips and Tools

  • Panel Discussion – Reveal of the Hottest Topics and Top Shares
  • Earth Day Tips and Tools
  • SEEN Talks Preview

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