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CD SONTER is pleased to be a Member of Partners in Project Green in the Pearson Eco-Business Zone. We are committed to supporting and actively participating in Partners in Project Green by developing best practices for the advancement of eco-business activities and collaborating with others to improve the sustainability of the Pearson Eco-Business Zone.

CD Sonter Ltd. is a Canadian environmental consulting firm focused on your environmental needs. Since 1990 we have succesfully provided waste management consulting services to a broad rand of municipal, commercial, institutional and industrial clients in Canada.


99 Floral Parkway, Suite 201, Toronto, ON, M6L 2C4

Opportunity Area:   Green Building > High Performance Buildings > BOMA Best
BOMA BESt Certification
The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) has established BOMA BESt (Level 1,2,3,4) as a national environmental recognition and certification program for commercial buildings in Canada. Specific applications are available for office towers, shopping centres, open air retail and light industrial.

We have extensive experience in facilitating the certification process from the initial analysis, to on-site evaluation and preparation of audits and policies, to the full assembly of the application package. We remain on-site to support the Management Team during the verification process.

The components of our Sustainable Waste and Recycling Management Program assist properties in meeting the requirements of BOMA BESt certification.
Opportunity Area:   Green Procurement > Procurement Management > Sustainable Packaging
Packaging Waste Audits & Packaging Reduction Work Plans
A Packaging Audit is an examination of the impact of packaging on waste management needs, activities and opportunities. Our Packaging Waste Audit serves to assess and advance your waste diversion initiatives. We also identify additional waste diversion opportunities through waste reduction, reuse and recycling initiatives.
Opportunity Area:   Waste Reduction > Waste Management > Toxic Reduction Plan
Hazardous Material Services
For many years, hazardous materials have been identified in soil, surface water, groundwater and building structures. Most of these contaminants are the result of the evolution of technology without the benefit of chemical regulatory controls. In North America, the cost for clean-up is projected to exceed a trillion dollars; the burden of which is to be borne by the taxpayer and responsible parties. The term "responsible party" is broad and in the final analysis involves the property owner.

Many buildings contain hazardous materials throughout the building structure and other materials typically associated with buildings. These buildings pose a potential health hazard to the building occupants if mismanaged- and possible liability if released from associated structures or functional enclosures. Clearly, their presence devalues a property, and therefore they must be removed using special disposal techniques.

Some hazardous substances have received a great deal of publicity resulting in heightened public concern. These substances include mould, asbestos, fluorescent light bulbs (mercury) and ballasts (PCBs), lead, and polychlorinated biphenyl.

CD SONTER has successfully completed in excess of 500 designated and hazardous substance surveys and abatement projects for a vast array of clients in North America.
Opportunity Area:   Waste Reduction > Waste Management > Waste Audit
Waste Audits & Waste Reduction Work Plans
Our Waste Audit serves to assess and advance your waste diversion initiatives. We also identify additional waste diversion opportunities through waste reduction, reuse and recycling initiatives.

CD SONTER certifies that our Waste Audit and Waste Reduction Work Plan reports are accepted by the following organizations:

- Ontario Ministry of Environment
- CaGBC LEED Programs
- USGBC LEED Programs
- BOMA Canada (Building Owners & Managers Association)
- ICI on Recycle (Quebec)
- ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
- Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA)
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